Pushing Thirty

and shedding pretentions

Trial by Fire

A friend sent me this email justifying her spur of the moment vacation to Hawaii. God bless her– this is funny stuff.

Well, I have the taxing assignment of flying all the way to the island of Maui this week. No doubt I’ll be trudging through muddy beaches, fighting off sharks, piranhas, exotic poisonous fish, snakes and weird poisonous underwater plants with pointie things that grab your feet, desperately trying to get away from the blasted sun, hoping and praying I don’t burn to the shade of a nice rosy lobster.

Not to mention all that sand in my shoes and my hair, that annoying sound of palm trees in those crazy island winds, hair-tangling rides in a convertible and those nasty little ear cramps you get from wearing your sunglasses ALL DAY LONG…Oh, and that little annoying itch between your toes from wearing only flip-flops for 10 days straight – Yikes! And then there’s all those waves washing over you when you’re just an honest person trying to go for a nice evening walk – I mean where the heck is a good slab of dry concrete when you need one for crying out loud?! With those ppl its beach-this and beach-that…there’s more to life people!

You get the idea of the hardships I’ll be facing…I’m sure I’ll have more horror stories when I return, let’s hope I’m not suffering from PTSD. I must say, I’m not looking forward to it, but I’ve never been one to turn down a challenge, and someone’s gotta do it…


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