Pushing Thirty

and shedding pretentions


Nothing presses me to the edge of my abilities like computers.

I bought a Mac for a thousand good reasons, and one of them was that it was supposed to do all the work for you automatically that would normally take a team of tech-geeks 10 hours to walk you through on the phone. Mostly I’ve found that to be the case. But the problem with that kind of service and automation is that if something doesn’t work right, you’re out of answers from go.

My newest bane is trying to get a PayPal button on my website. I use Mac’s brilliant iWeb program which allows you to slide pictures and boxes of text around on a rich html formatted program as if you were scrapbooking. It made me remember my earliest days as a junior in highschool trying to figure out Angelfire, a free web site generator that let you pick your font and your wallpaper and that’s about it. I’m thoroughly impressed with how effortlessly I can shoot a picture of an Oreo Fudgee (for example) with my phone, beam it to my Mac, and then upload it with witty text. Or, in the case of my Mac-site specifically, pare down a 10 minute video clip of my worship team, run it through iMovie to add some banners, and then click and drag it on over to iWeb and watch it from Firefox all in a 20 minute window. Amazing stuff.

But the PayPal button is not so easy. The first glitch is that PayPal gives you a gigantic tangle of Html code that you’ve got to manually insert into your website. iWeb shields you from this dark underbelly of the web world so thoroughly that you can’t even access the html codes for your page from within the program. I even went to ‘preferences,’ but that was no help at all. Thankfully, I remember a thing or two from my Angelfire days and this was not an altogether daunting task. I just needed to find those codes.

A friend fired me a helpful website article (that’s invariably where you land for tips and clues; the web community is very helpful, i might add), that said I only need to open such-and-such a file from such-and-such a place and I should be good to go for the code. I looked for the files: not there. Here’s where I get frantic. I’m literally at the end of the road. So, if you visit my site and go to the “missions” page and see that random text box, “PayPalHtml” you can chuckle knowing that you’re witnessing the vestiges of my html insertion efforts run amok.

I’m sure I’ll land it in a couple of days.


July 6, 2008 - Posted by | limitations, writing

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  1. You could try one of the free web editors for Mac. NVU, and Amaya are two that I can think of off the top of my head.

    They both include editors that are likely more powerful than Iweb, and they allow you to edit the code however you want.

    Comment by todaysfreelancer | July 6, 2008 | Reply

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