Pushing Thirty

and shedding pretentions

Khristmas in Kansas City. (a poem)

where in the world?!
a white holiday, but cold!
the killing kind, and we whimper and whine,
and we can’t get indoors fast enough.
If this were Minnesota or Vermont, I
could understand, but as it stands,
this is harsh weather. The wind blows
and I wince and squint,
and turn the world to Christmas lights.


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Bears are Nuts!

I was in a convo last week with a good friend. Somehow we got on to bears. That topic usually turns into a lively talk because bears are notoriously crazy, and everybody has a better and better crazy bear story.

I was the first to reference Grizzly Man, the documentary about that guy that roamed the Alaskan wilderness with grizzly bears. He spent 15 summers with the bears before one ate him. I guess that means that bear attacks can be driven down to a pretty low percentage if you know what you’re doing. But here’s the salient point: it only takes one to make you wish you’d pursued computer engineering in college. Continue reading

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Snow Night

Everybody thinks their world is flat until it snows. Take, for instance, my Kansas City milieu. I’d hardly noticed for months that my universe in a 5 mile driving radius floats upon a green sea of gently rolling hills. Driving, in my perception, was an exclusively lateral affair. But yesterday it snowed.

Driving in the snow is no big deal, at least not when it only snows an inch or two. The ice is the real danger. At seven this evening, the roads glazed over something fierce, and every pitch was harrowing.

Like the one that spun me around at 8 o’clock. Continue reading

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