Pushing Thirty

and shedding pretentions

Dispatch: 5 PM Sunday Morning

There’s an old saying: One man’s sunset is another man’s sunrise.

Never heard that one? Well I won’t hold it against you. After living a reversed sleep schedule for almost four years, I’m finally getting into a rhythm. I jump in bed promptly between 6:30 AM and 7:00 AM. I sleep with a bandanna over my eyes because black-out curtains are too dark, and sunlight wrecks my world. I eat breakfast when you do, and leftovers when you do– evidently my appetite doesn’t switch as easily as my sleeping–which means my meals generally get smaller and smaller as my “day” goes on.

Beyond that, a 24/7 missions base kind of messes with the 5-day-work-week concept. I guess that’s an American thing after all, because I take my day off on Tuesday. There’s no day less “weekendy” than Tuesday. This does not yet feel normal. But it does feel right, like I’m maxed, and pressed, but in a good way. I’m working for the Kingdom, after all. But, despite my 6 days of work, and my upside down sleeping schedule, vestiges of an American life have I still. Take Sunday morning, for example.

My Sunday has the same cast as everyone else’s Sunday, day or night. I wake up to my sunrise in reverse, pull the bandanna from my eyes, and brew some coffee. Maybe I’ll blog a little. Maybe I’ll read the paper. I’ve got work to get to, but no one will be expecting it until Monday. I’ve got a pile of emails, but they’re all about the meetings I had last week. Sunday is still a blissful Sabbath.

Even now the evening chill is setting in (you probably thought that it was the chill of Monday, didn’t you?), and I have to get moving; remember, my day is still ahead of me. But it was nice to be slow for a few hours. It was nice to enjoy one of the more pleasant elements of our culture. We’re a conflicted people, my fellow Americans, pressured to be productive in the wrong ways, and pressured to entertain ourselves in other wrong ways. But we haven’t got it all bad. Sundays are still working for us, even us American Missionaries.


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