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Puns and other Foolishness

I got into a little Twitter back and forth with a real blog-czar Randy Bohlender today.  With the hype of the swine flu dying down, I guess it was only a matter of time before the flu-jokes started creeping into the twitosphere.  After all, even the title– swine flu– sounds ridiculous.

So Randy, good for a steady stream of chuckles throughout the day, threw out a few tweets all tagged #othertypesofflu.  They went a little something like this:

Flu from bad rappers: Flu Live Crew

Flu only dangerous to male members of the 6th grade choir: Little Boy Flu/ go blow your horn.

This proved irresistible.  So for the next two hours, all I could think of, no matter what I was doing, was Flu puns.  Here are some of mine:

Summer-long flu strain with a cut-rate sound track?  Lollapa-FLU-za

Flu served family style with creepy decor?  FLU-co de Beppo

Walrus flu? FLU-coo-ka-choo

A tenacious Irish flu strain that attacks global poverty? FLU-2

(and my personal favorite)

A strain with impressive pedigree but debatable journalistic merit?  Anderson FLUper
Finally, Randy came back with a response:

@jbmavWRITER, the commitee just got out of their meeting. It’s unanimous: you need to stop.

So it was over.  But its never over!  Can you think of any to add to the list?  The best thing about them is that they easily turn into great “what-do-you-call-a” jokes, or crossword puzzle clues. You get the idea.


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