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My Favorite iPhone Apps.

Well, I should be doing some writing right now. I’ve hit a stall. But rather than leave the computer, I thought I’d write a post to help me with the writing I should be writing. Follow?

Anyhow, I’m on day five with my new iPhone and already can’t live without it. I thought I’d run through a few of my favorite applications.

Let’s begin with the beginning: Twitter. Twitter– and if you haven’t at least heard of twitter, then you’re probably not even reading this– did not make an ounce of sense to me before the iPhone. I couldn’t figure out why anyone would want to report what they were doing at all times, let alone get updates. I downloaded Twitterfon (after a brief stint with Twitteriffic; what was I thinking) and everything came into focus (the exact same thing happened to me for Pandora, but we’ll save that for another post). I’ll say this: Twitter isn’t about reporting mundane facts of life like eating lunch and doing laundry. It is about what all good writing is about: reporting about mundane facts of life in a way that makes people want to read it. Do it in 140 characters or less, an boom! you’re tweeting.

Next, I want to hit on the task management app, OmniFocus. This app changed my iPhone from a toy into a bonefied work tool. Not only does it have all the contact cross referencing abilities and project groupings you’d expect from this kind of program, but it has one more critical feature: it has a feature called “context” that links up with your GPS. To illustrate, yesterday I was in the grocery store and I checked Omnifocus. It told me that there was a post office in the grocery store where I could drop off the three items on my list that needed to be run to the grocery store. That is, if I had brought them with me. OmniFocus already one step ahead and breathing down my neck. It’s exactly what I need.

Let’s talk about the weather channel app. There’s a lot to love, but I love the video button. What’s the worst part about watching the WC on tv? Right, trying to catch the individual weather for your city as they broadcast for the entire region. With the weather channel app, you can watch the updated video segment for your city any time of day.

Not long into my iPhone experience, I had a great idea for an app. I thought I was going to make a million dollors on an application that helped you find where you parked your car using the gps locator. I was excited. Until I found three different versions in the app store. The one I bought only cost me a dollar and was the exact same thing I was envisioning. And then some. This app not only uses a satellite to help you find your car, but has a timer that you can set so you never over stay your parking meter. Since I’m notorious for forgetting where I parked within ten paces of leaving my car, there will be a worn smudge on my iPhone screen from selecting this app over and over and over.

I’ll give you one more. While I’m thoroughly stoked about how work-oriented my iPhone is, I do have one guilty pleasure. I wouldn’t call myself a gamer at all, but I couldn’t resist one. Its called Glyde. Back when Nintendo made the leap to Super Nintendo (this predates xBox by a good decade), there was a game that intrigued me. It was called PilotWings, and it featured a dude on a jet pack flying through a 3D world. Glyde is way cooler than PilotWings, but in the same vein. You steer a little flyer all over God’s green earth and into his blue heavens and through canyons, and water, and up around mountains, collecting floating crystals. You can dive bomb the ground at breakneck speeds or gently soar over menacing stallagmites. I’m blown away by the grapics, the game play, and the fact that it only cost me a dollar.

All things considered, I’m thrilled with the iPhone.


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