Pushing Thirty

and shedding pretentions

Lost and Found

In an out-of-the-way corner of the hall way that wraps behind the prayer room is posted a tiny set of shelves that is officially the IHOP Lost and Found. Since we have so many out of town visitors for conferences and summits on top of our 500 staff, a steady stream of detritus fills these shelves, the left-behinds of the ebbing and flowing tides of visitors.

Over the years, the general stock of lost and found items is consistent: Bibles, all shapes sizes and translations; books, all kinds, all authors; rustic looking journals; sweatshirts (it is cold year round in the prayer room); CD’s, secular and sacred; water bottles with the IHOP logo; and prayer shawls, a traditional jewish garment (non-required apparel for the prayer room, by the way). The contents are predictable enough that singers have been known to “borrow” Bibles (pick your translation) from the shelves for their two hour set if they’ve forgotten their own, and then return them two hours later. It’s as dependable as a local NKJV library.

Last night, however, as I rounded the bend, I witnessed an item on the lost and found shelves that was, well, inexplicable. See for yourself.The small plaque reads, \


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